Selling a home can be hard work, but it doesn’t have to be. Keep these ten important dos and don’ts in mind!

Dos and Don'ts for Sellers

  1. DO kennel your fur babies. Aside from the allergy risks, pets can distract the potential buyer from your home.
  2. DO keep your home free of smells. Including, but not limited to, pets, cooking smells, smoke, strong candles/potpourri/room sprays.
  3. DO open your curtains and turn on the lights before a showing. Show them how bright and inviting your space can be!
  4. DO hide valuables, firearms, and prescription drugs while showing the home.
  5. DO keep your house “on” at all times. This means your house is ready to be shown at any time. Counters should be clutter free, dirty clothes should be in a hamper, beds should be made, and floors should be free of debris. This simple, easy cleaning routine can make a big difference!
  6. DO take the first offer on your home seriously. Many times the first offer is always the best offer and here’s why.
  7. DON’T turn down a showing. Take any opportunity to show your home. You typically only get one chance with prospective buyers.
  8. With that said, DON’T just let anyone who knocks on the door in. Always, always go through your agent.
  9. DON’T have contact with a prospective buyer or their agent.
  10. DON’T be present at showings. It will be much harder for the buyer to imagine themselves living in your home if you’re there. They will feel more like an intruder.

Bonus Tip: Don’t make buyers take off their shoes! It can be a turn off to some buyers. A happy medium would be to provide shoe covers so that buyers aren’t tracking dirt in without the hassle of taking off their shoes.

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