Selling your home can be immensely stressful. Not to worry! Even though winter can be a more challenging time to sell, you can ensure you are giving your home the best chance to be sold by making potential buyers feel at home. I promise, it’s easy! Just follow my simple tips to sell your home fast!

Sell Your Home Fast Kristi NavarreGeorgia Life Realty West Georgia Real EstateConsider these easy tips and tricks to help sell your home fast.

1. Fix the easy stuff.
This could be anything from a broken cabinet to a leaky faucet. Take some time to fix up the easy stuff. This way, the buyer will not have reason to “lowball” an offer.  If you aren’t sure how to fix something in your home, consult YouTube! My personal favorite channel for home repair is This Old House. If DIY isn’t your thing, look into hiring a handyman. For West Georgia area readers, just give me a call and I can recommend some fantastic contractors!

2. Keep your home tidy.
It is much easier said, than done -I know! It is so very important. Put yourself in the buyer’s shoes .. many times, they want to imagine their lives  in a new, bigger space. You take the potential buyer a step backwards when you show them that your home can also be a breeding ground for clutter. This cleaning method is rather involved but is definitely worth it when you are selling your home.

3. Presentation, Presentation, Presentation.
You only get one chance to make the first impression on a potential buyer. Create a vision for potential buyers, allowing them to look past your possessions and envision themselves living happily in your home. Staging your home is a huge help. Check out my Pinterest Board on staging your home for some great tips and tricks!

4. Keep pets out of the home during showings.
We love our pets, but that does not mean everyone will. You may alienate a potential buyer who does not like pets or may even be allergic to pets by leaving Fido at home. Take your pets out of the home (if possible) during showings and be sure that their smells aren’t lingering in your home.

5. Don’t waste potential space.
Have a room or space you aren’t using? Be sure to give each room in your home a clear purpose to help potential buyers’ visions. It doesn’t have to be expensive. Check out how this blogger faked a bedroom on the cheap!

I hope these tips help your sell your home fast. Have suggestions of your own? Leave a comment below! Know someone struggling to sell their home? Send this article their way and tell them to call Kristi!

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