So you’ve found your first home.  You have been prequalified with a mortgage lender (or you are paying cash) and you are ready to write an offer.  What is to be expected now?

  1. Assuming that you are working with a buyer’s agent, (see prior post 5 Steps in Buying Your First Home), you agent will discuss comparable sales and determine a purchase price for your offer.  Your agent will then discuss what closing costs are needed for the type of loan you will be obtaining and you will decide what (if any) closing costs you might ask seller to pay. Other items for consideration are the amount of days you want for home inspection and other requests that you might want from the seller.  Your agent will write up your offer complete with your signatures and present the offer to the seller s agent.  The seller will either accept or counter and this process will continue until an offer is accepted or one of the two parties walks away from the offer.  Let’s assume the seller accepts your offer!  Hooray!
  2. Once the offer has been accepted, you will need to submit your earnest money in the time required and your inspection period begins. It is preferable in most cases to hire a qualified home inspector to inspect your home.  Some home inspectors include a free termite report, others do not.
  3. Once your home inspection is complete, you may accept the home as is or negotiate with the seller. If buyer and seller agree on the home inspection items, it is time to tell the lender to order your appraisal.
  4. During this time, your mortgage lender is processing your loan. You may be asked for additional info which must be supplied timely by you in order to keep the loan and the closing date on track.
  5. After the appraisal is in and all conditions of the loan are met, the closing can be scheduled. You will arrive at the attorney’s office and sign all of the lender’s paperwork so that you can obtain the mortgage.  Pop the champagne cork, you are now a HOMEOWNER!

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Kristi Navarre, Associate Broker, Remax Pure

*This information should be used only as an overview for a first time home buyer purchase.