1042 Overlook Dr Villa Rica HomeWhat are the steps to purchasing your first home?  Here are the secrets you need to make your first home purchase a success.


  1. Choose qualified full time professionals to help you.  You will want to use a real estate professional working as a buyer’s agent for you.  Your buyer’s agent works exclusively for you (the agent whose name is on the sign in front of the house works for the seller).  Your agent should have the heart of a teacher and be willing to explain all parts of the process of purchasing your first home.  Your agent will guide you in all aspects of the process including helping you find a caring, qualified mortgage lender if you have not already chosen a mortgage lender.  Further, your buyer’s agent will recommend homes that suit your needs and chosen purchase price, negotiate for you and guide you through all the steps from putting in an offer to getting to the closing table.  You can certainly interview several agents to see who is a good fit for you.  Click here for questions to ask a buyers agent.

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  1. Contact a mortgage lender to get prequalified for a loan. Before you begin looking for a home contact a mortgage lender to discuss your current financial situation.  The lender will ask about your income, your expenses (the lender will need to pull your credit) and together you and the lender will determine the loan type best for you based on the payment you desire, your down payment (if any) and your current financial situation.  Click here to contact a mortgage lender.
  2. Once you have spoken with the lender, contact your buyers agent to discuss the out of pocket monies that you ll need.  These include earnest money, monies for home inspection and monies for appraisal.  This would also include your down payment money (if any).
  3. Your buyers agent will help you find appropriate homes to view. Be aware that not all homes may qualify for the type of loan you want.  Your buyer’s agent will help you determine which homes work with your loan type as well as meet your personal requirements.  Click here for more information.
  4. Once you have chosen a home, your buyer s agent will help you decide what to offer the seller(based on comparable sales) and will guide you through many other questions such as how much closing costs to ask of the seller, days of inspection and many other items.


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*This information should be used only as an overview for a first time homebuyer purchase.